2 Early Warning Signs Of A Problem With Your Garage Door's Springs


As an integral part of the system for your home's garage door, the torsion springs not only carry the weight of the door while it is opening and closing, but they also hold it in place. When these springs stretch or break, you will either not be able to use your garage or have to manually open and close the heavy door yourself.

Although the springs can break unexpectedly, there are often indicators that there is something wrong with them. Below are a couple of the early warning signs that indicate there is a problem with your garage door's springs that requires the attention of a professional sooner rather than later.

1. Garage Door Slips While Closing Even If There Were No Issues While The Door Was Opening

One early warning sign that your garage door's torsion springs are starting to go bad is when the door starts to slip while it is closing. While opening, the springs still have enough strength and integrity to pull the door open.

However, if there is a small crack or parts of the springs' coils are stretched, the momentum created by the door going down can be too much for them, causing it to slip. If not taken care of by a professional, the springs can snap, causing the door to come crashing down.

2. Torsion Springs Have Surface Rust Or Other Visible Signs Of Damage

Another warning sign that you should not ignore when it comes to your garage door springs is the presence of surface rust or other visible signs of damage. If oxidation has started to affect the metal of the springs, the coils will become weak and more likely to break.

While examining the springs, you may also see gaps in the coils or small cracks. Since these issues mean that the structures of the springs have been adversely affected, they could break at any time and should be replaced by a professional before this happens.

Along with noticing that the garage door keeps slipping while closing and that there are visible signs of damage or rust on the springs, you may hear a clunking noise every time the door is in motion. If you notice any of these signs, there is most likely a problem with the torsion springs that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible before they break entirely. Contact a business that offers garage door repair services to learn more.


30 March 2023

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