Why You Should Include An Exhaust Fan In Your New Garage


When you think of an exhaust fan, you likely consider its handiness in your bathroom. It's important, however, to realize that this type of fan can be useful in other parts of your home. If you've hired a garage builder to construct a custom garage that attaches to your home or stands on its own, you may want to discuss having one or more exhaust fans in the ceiling of this space. The size of the garage will dictate how many fans you have, and your builder can discuss some ideal locations for these fans based on how you plan to use your garage. Here are some reasons why your new garage should have one or more exhaust fans. 

Remove Odors

One of the primary goals of an exhaust fan is to remove odors, and this function can work well in your new garage. This is a space in which various odors can occur. For example, if you're working on a craft or project that involves paint, odors can build up. While you'll ideally keep the garage door open during the project, you'll likely want to close it at night. Having an exhaust fan that can run overnight will remove the odors from the paint so that they don't overwhelm you when you enter the next day.

Remove Moisture

An exhaust fan will also help to remove moisture from your garage, which is important. If this environment stays damp for any reason, issues such as mildew can occur. There are several scenarios in which you'll appreciate being able to run the fan to remove moisture. For example, if you've just returned from a fishing trip and have put several pieces of wet gear into the garage, you can run the fan to help dry the space. Or, if you use the garage as a home gym, running the fan will remove the moisture that is present in your sweat.

Remove Heat

You probably won't have air conditioning in your garage, which means that you'll want a strategy to remove hot air. Opening the windows can sometimes help, but not if it's excessively hot and sunny. An exhaust fan will remove the heat from the air inside the garage to some degree, which will help to make this space feel more comfortable. For example, if you're working on a car or exercising on a hot day, running the exhaust fan can help to make the garage not feel so hot. Discuss these and other points when you hire your custom garage builder.

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26 September 2022

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