Top 4 Benefits Of Garage Door Openers


Convenience is invaluable in today's world. When you get home from work, you don't want the trouble of hoisting your garage door and then lowering it. Instead, you want to open and close the garage door without exiting your vehicle. And this is why garage door openers exist in the first place. You only need to push a remote button, and voila, the magic happens. Read on to learn other benefits of garage door openers. 

Improved Security

Garage door openers come with advanced security features that set them apart from manual garage doors. For example, most of them feature rolling codes that change every time you press the remote button. Hence, hackers cannot easily access your garage. 

Some openers allow you to set the garage to 'vacation mode.' This feature disables the remote control for the entire time you will be out of your home. Anyone who wants to enter the garage can only open it manually from inside. If you usually forget to lock your garage door, some models have a feature that closes the door automatically when you leave. All these features will take your garage security to the next level.  

Proper Lighting

Modern garage door openers have an inbuilt lighting feature with intense beams that light up the entire garage as you park. This will come in handy when entering or leaving the garage as well as during bad weather. 

If your garage houses machinery, gardening equipment, boxes, or any type of tools, walking inside it can be pretty dangerous. With a garage door opener, the room is well lit, allowing you to see where you step clearly. 

Temperature Control

The state-of-the-art technology used in garage door openers allows a high level of functionality. With temperature monitoring sensors, you can receive alerts when the garage door is left open. 

You will also know when the temperatures inside the garage are either too hot or too cold. This is important when you have temperature-sensitive products inside the garage. 

Low Energy Use

You may be worried that your opener will use too much energy because of the advanced technical features. But that isn't the case. While the electricity consumption will be based on the make and model of your opener, the annual average consumption is between 15.8 kWh and 127 kWh, translated to $2 to $16 per year. 

Garage door openers can also be powered by solar panels. This allows you to enjoy the convenience, functionality, and security of an opener without incurring additional energy bills. 


2 December 2021

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