Different Types Of Garage Door Repairs


Your garage door is one of the most utilized parts of your home. Every morning, you open it to get your car out and then close it as you head off to work. In the evening, you have to open and close it again. Your kids may also open the garage door during the day to get their bikes out. With all this activity, it's no wonder that garage doors break down from time to time, requiring urgent repair services. Here are four common types of garage door repair services. 

Weather Seal Replacement

The weather seal is the part that secures your garage from cold or warm air coming from outside while also ensuring dirt and insects stay outside. However, with time, it may wear out, prompting you to seek professional repair services. 

A garage door expert will open your garage and accurately measure the size of the seal needed. After that, they'll remove the worn seal and install a new one with an inclined edge facing the outside. They'll also cut off any extra material and ensure the door closes properly. With a properly sealed garage door, you can expect a cooler garage during summer and a warmer garage during winter.

Broken Cables

Garage door cables are made from a group of wires wrapped together to form thicker strands. They utilize the tension coming from the springs to pull the entire garage door's weight up. 

Unfortunately, these cables may weaken over time and eventually snap. This is risky as the entire door may fall to the floor, causing severe cuts or injuries. Other signs of broken cables include a garage door getting stuck halfway or hanging at an unusual angle. Due to the risks involved, hire a garage door expert to inspect and replace the broken cables. 

Spring Replacement

Springs are responsible for raising and lowering your garage door. But to effectively support the door's weight, your springs should be upgraded from time to time. 

If you're having difficulties opening or closing your garage door, or you can hear strange noises, chances are you're dealing with a broken spring. You should change the springs immediately if you notice these signs, as broken springs can snap when stretched or weighed down, causing injuries. Just like with the broken cables, these problems should also be left to the experts for your safety. 

Safety Sensors Malfunctions

The safety sensors enable your garage door to automatically open and close. They're an essential safety feature as they prevent the door from closing when there's something on its path; thus, they ensure no harm or damage is caused. 

If your garage door refuses to close even when there's nothing on the path, it could signify that the safety sensors are misaligned or bumped. The sensors could also malfunction, forcing the door to close on someone or something. Luckily, a garage door technician can inspect the door and line up the safety sensors back correctly. Contact a garage door repair service for more information. 


26 August 2021

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