What Kind Of Garage Door Protects My Home From Hurricanes?


If you live in a location that is likely to be hit by hurricanes, you should consider getting a garage door that is designed to be resistant to strong winds. Otherwise, a hurricane will be more likely to damage the belongings you store in your garage. A significant portion of the damage caused by hurricanes is tied to the garage door. If the strong winds can breach the door, it can cause pressure that can rip the roof off of the home.

If the winds aren't as strong, a poorly reinforced garage door can still lead to tears in the home that can allow water to get inside. In many locations, it is required by building codes to have a garage door resistant to hurricanes. But even if this isn't the case, you should still use a garage door resistant to hurricanes if your home is constructed in a vulnerable area.

The Importance Of Passive Reinforcement System

Storm garage doors are engineered with wind load reinforcement systems, which are known as passive reinforcement systems. The system is engaged simply when the garage door is locked. This is useful if you need to leave your home in a hurry since you simply need to flip a latch. They do not require any advanced setup. They are tested to be more resistant and safer than ordinary doors. 

If your existing garage door is not already engineered with wind load reinforcement systems, and a storm is coming, you will need an active system and will eventually need to replace the door.

Selecting The Right Garage Door

Before choosing a garage door, conduct research into the wind load requirements for your area. This will be essential when selecting the right type of garage door and determining whether you might need active reinforcement.

Supplementing Your Garage Door With An Active System

Active systems are also necessary to protect your garage door. These need to be installed before a high-wind event. Their effectiveness is based on how strong the door is, since they are meant to primarily be supplementary. One example is a brace made out of aluminum that are installed through the header of the door and into floor mounts drilled into a concrete floor.

Moving To A New Home

If you move to a new home that already has a garage door, make sure to have it inspected to verify that it is rated to be reinforced against hurricanes. If not, you must have it corrected.

If you already have a garage door, your two options are to either purchase an entirely new door or to purchase a garage door reinforcement kit. Contact a company like Caspersen Garage Doors for more information.


15 March 2016

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