Garage Door Replacement: 4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Garage Door


If you are in need of a new garage door installation, now is the perfect time to think about the different options available. From materials to styles, you have some decisions to make. You can either choose a garage door similar to the one you had or upgrade to a brand new look with special features. Here are some choices to make when having your garage door replaced.


One of the first choices to make when deciding on your new garage door is to choose what material you want. The material choice can depend on many factors, such as cost, security, and where you live. Some materials are ideal for certain weather conditions and climates, such as vinyl being good in extreme weather conditions. Vinyl doesn't rust like other materials, so if you live in a coastal area that is prone to water and salt damage, you don't have this extra worry. Steel is another good choice for extreme weather since it can handle humidity and rain. If you want a high-security garage door, choose a material like metal or steel. For classic styles, there are wood garage doors. Wood garage doors are good because they improve your home's curb appeal. If you want a wood-garage appearance and a durable material, fiberglass is a good option, or you can choose aluminum for a budget-friendly and stylish door.


There are also many styles of garage doors to choose from. This gives you the opportunity to get creative and choose an impressive and beautiful garage door for your home. You can go with a traditional style that has raised panels or choose carriage house panels (these panels are recessed and look like old barn doors that used to house horse-drawn buggies). Some garage door styles are flush without any raised details, which offer a modern look to your garage. For certain vintage styled homes, short raised panels are available. These types of panels are ideal if you have a colonial-style home or a Victorian one.


You can also make the decision to get a garage door with one or multiple windows. There are some benefits and drawbacks to using windows. On the plus side, windows provide natural light inside your garage and can add to the overall appearance of the door. Unfortunately, they can also put you at risk, depending on the type of windows. Some garage windows are large enough for someone to break it and get inside the garage, so keep this in mind. Choose higher windows for security purposes. If you want to increase both curb appeal and security, consider having faux windows painted on top of the doors. This metallic paint looks like natural glass, but you won't have to worry about people peeking into your garage!

Additional Features

You can also choose from other features, such as the type of hardware you want. You may want a garage door that utilizes a keypad so you can enter a code to open the door instead of using a garage door remote. There are also doors that have home automation, where you can control it with your smartphone, along with other home security systems.


4 February 2016

Finding the Right Garage Door

When my husband and I first built our home, we had no idea which kind of garage door would blend in with the exterior facade of our place. However, after we mulled over a bunch of different options, we decided to go with a few fancy, carriage door styled garage doors. In addition to adding an old-world feel to our place, they also worked incredibly well. I know that it sounds silly, but our garage doors are one of my favorite things about our new place. I want you to love your garage doors as much as I love mine, which is why I built this website.