Three Garage Door Repair Jobs You Can Perform Yourself


When your garage door is in need of some repair, it's important to be very discerning about whether you decide to handle the job on your own or hire a professional. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew; some garage door-related jobs, especially those related to the door's springs, can be highly dangerous and lead to injury if not handled correctly. Fortunately, there are a number of garage door repair jobs that are safe to handle yourself and easy to accomplish even without experience. Here are three jobs that you shouldn't shy away from tackling.

Replace The Weather Stripping

The rubber weather stripping that runs along the bottom of your garage door is integral to keeping unpleasant elements outside of your garage. It will need to be replaced when it becomes torn or split. In most cases, you'll be able to replace the rubber component without having to remove the aluminum bracket that holds it in place. Pull the old weather stripping out, or if it's stubborn, use a utility knife to cut it into manageable sections. Buy a replacement piece, cut it to size by measuring the exact width of your garage door, and then carefully slide the new piece of rubber into place in the aluminum bracket.

Deal With A Noisy Door

A garage door that rattles and bangs while it's moving might sound alarming, but in many cases all that's needed is a series of small repair tasks can have the door working optimally once again. Noisy garage doors are often the result of hinges and rollers in need of lubrication and hinges that are loose. Tackle the latter job by using a ratchet or wrench to tighten each mounting bolt, and handle the former job by using a silicone-based spray lubricant to coat the inside of the hinges and rollers. Within a few short minutes, your garage door should be much less vocal as you operate it.

Replace The Insulation Pad

Not all garage doors have insulation pads, but those that do will keep your garage from developing extreme temperatures in the winter and summer. An old pad will often need to be replaced when it absorbs water through the bottom -- often when the door's weather stripping has failed. Remove the old pad by unscrewing it and then carefully folding and disposing of it. Buy a replacement kit, and mount the new pad so it mimics the old one's appearance -- you'll essentially just have to screw the pad into place, secure it with the provided straps, and ensure the bottom is covered in the protective plastic to avoid it being exposed to the elements.

If you fear that a garage door repair is too demanding or dangerous, contact a company like Doors Unlimited rather than attempting it on your own.


8 December 2015

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