Large Crack In Your Vinyl Garage Door? Repair It With These Quick Tips


If your vinyl garage door develops a large crack that allows insects and even cold air to seep inside the room, you can repair it yourself. If you don't repair the crack, it can quickly spread throughout the door and permanently damage it. In addition, thieves can use a crowbar or other tools to break open the crack and enter your garage. Here's what you need to buy to repair your garage door, and tips to get the job done fast.

Purchase Mastic Liquid Sealant

Mastic liquid sealant is used to repair damage to surfaces or products made with a number of materials, including aluminum, concrete, steel and vinyl. The sealant forms a strong, flexible bond that won't warp or chip after application. Because garage doors must be flexible and tough enough to withstand the strong forces of heavy rains, winds and snow, mastic sealant is the best choice for your repairs.

To apply and use the sealant effectively, you need to buy one large plastic spatula and one smooth rod dripless caulking gun. The spatula smooths out the sealant as you apply it over the crack. The smooth rod dripless caulk gun uses a special spring and device that lets you control the amount of sealant that comes out of the container, which is very important to your repairs. You don't want to apply too much sealant over the crack, or it can make your garage door look gunky and unattractive after it dries. 

After you obtain your supplies, you can get started on the repairs.

Repair the Crack

Before you repair the crack in the garage door, clean the area thoroughly with a broom to remove cobwebs, dirt and lint. Use a damp rag to clean away any oil and grease spots that coat the area surrounding the crack. As with any sealant, mastic sealant adheres better to clean surfaces. Give the garage door about an hour to dry completely. 

Now, follow the directions below:

  1. Place the mastic sealant into the caulk gun, then test the pressure of the gun by applying a thin layer of sealant to an old board. If necessary, adjust the pressure of the gun's spring so that it releases the sealant slowly.
  2. Position the tip of the caulking material over the top of the crack. You want to apply the sealant to the crack from top to bottom to avoid mistakes.
  3. Apply the sealant.
  4. Fill in the crack completely.
  5. Use the spatula to spread and smooth out the sealant until it covers every part of the crack. Wet the spatula with cold or warm water as you go along to keep the sealant moist during the application.
  6. Give the sealant 48 hours to cure or harden properly.

Your garage door is now sound, safe and strong again. 

If the crack in your garage door reopens, or if the door develops new problems, contact a specialist such as Garage Doors Of Naples Inc for additional services.


8 November 2015

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