Troubleshooting Frequent Hot Weather Problems With Garage Doors And Their Openers


Regardless of what component of a home it is that you are talking about, each has its own set of problems that can come up when the temperatures change. In the summer time, one of the home features that can give you some problems is the garage door. While this large entry door will remain functional most of the time, summer can bring with it a few extra concerns and troubles. Here are a few of the most common problems with garage doors and garage door openers that usually come up when the weather gets hot.

Problem: The door is making loud screeching noises during operation.

Cause and Solution: The hot temperatures can bring about a lot of racket because the heat will dry out previously lubricated surfaces. The screeching is a telltale indicator that there is metal rubbing against metal, which can wear out the track of a door quickly. Get some high-temperature-quality lithium grease from a hardware store and generously coat all moving parts of your door. This may have to be repeated a few times throughout the summer.

Problem: The door will not completely close, or reverses halfway down when you use the opener.

Cause and Solution: This is usually a problem that is related to the safety sensors you have that control the garage door opener. If the sensors detect something in the way, they will not allow the doors to close. When it is extremely hot, it can cause these sensors t malfunction. To help fix the problem, try moving the sensors to a different location where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Because this is more of an issue with older sensors, you may need to have them replaced.

Problem: Garage door seems to hang in spots or get off track easily.

Cause and Solution: Heat is known to make wooden materials expand, especially during times of high humidity. If the frame surrounding your garage door is wooden, or even the supports where the track is affixed, the change in operation could be a change in the wood itself. If this is an issue you have often, it is best to find a contractor who can help you replace the wooden beams and encasement with metal beams that will not have the same kinds of problems. In the meantime, you can try to control the temperature of your garage with air conditioning and a dehumidifier which can help.

Taking some time to get to know the different problems that can come up with your garage door with changes in weather will make issues easier to tackle when indeed they do show up. If you are having an issue with your garage door that you cannot diagnose and repair on your own, talk to a garage door repair professional (such as one from A & J Garage Door Inc) for advice.


19 June 2015

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