Three Tips For Preventing A Crack In Your Garage Door's Bulb Seal


At the bottom of every good garage door is a thin layer of rubber weatherstripping called a bulb seal. If this bulb seal breaks, you'll suddenly see many more bugs and a lot more moisture coming into your garage. To minimize the risk of a crack forming on your garage door's bulb seal, remember these three tips.

Make Sure You Operate The Door At Least Once Every Few Days

The longer a bulb seal sits in one place, the less likely it'll be able to move again without tearing. Sudden temperature changes and lots of rain make this problem worse.

Fortunately, all you have to do to loosen up the rubber in the bulb seal is gently open and close your garage door at least once every few days. It's better if you physically lift the door rather than push a button so that you can touch the bulb seal directly to see what state it's in.

Spray Bug Spray On The Bulb Seal After Every Serious Rainfall

Some larger beetles and other bugs will try to bite and tear a hole in your garage door's bulb seal. While the rubber should be thick enough to head off this danger, even the thickest layer of weatherstripping can be overcome by a long period of incessant bug bites.

A little bug spray will ensure that any bugs that wander near your bulb seal won't linger for long. Since heavy rain will wash away most consumer-grade bug spray, it's advisable to spray again after every serious rainfall.

If Your Garage Door Is Unbalanced, Fix The Problem Quickly

When all of the intricate springs and rollers on your garage door stop working together the way they're supposed to, your garage door is out of balance. An unbalanced garage door will put a lot more pressure than normal on one side of its bulb seal. It doesn't take much time for the bulb seal to develop very serious tears and cracks when it's placed under a lot of strain.

Since there are so many moving parts involved, re-balancing a garage door without causing some other problem requires quite a bit of skill and experience. Don't try to adjust the springs attached to your garage door yourself. Instead, arrange a meeting with a garage door technician as soon as possible.

Don't assume that a garage door bulb seal will always work perfectly just because it's not the most conspicuous thing in the world. Always take the weatherproofing on your garage door seriously so that you never have to see a huge pool of water or other issues in your garage. Companies like Door Depot Of SW Florida Inc can offer guidance to help you care for your garage door.


9 May 2015

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